“It is not enough to look; one must also be able to see.”

Extract from Laugh Out Dead

Urban-Smith knelt and examined the body. First, he inspected the man’s hands and fingernails, then undid the cuffs and rolled the sleeves to the elbows. He made a brief examination of the lips and teeth, and gently rotated the head left, then right, checking the ears and the sides of the neck. He inspected the knot of the tie, which had been loosed, removed and discarded, but not undone. The torso, he palpated gently from chest to waist, then inspected the man’s belt and belt buckle. He worked his way down the front of the trousers, pausing awhile at the hem. He inspected the knot of the shoelaces, then removed both the deceased’s shoes, inspected the socks, then rolled the trouser legs up to the knees. 

He stood and shook his head sadly. “It is indeed a solemn occasion when a young man dies, leaving such a devoted wife, and at least two young children.”

McKendal had said nothing of the man’s habits or family.

“Were you able to deduce anything further?” asked McKendal.

“Other than that he is left-handed, yet plays his guitar right-handed, and that he is in the habits of walking in his office barefoot, and speaking with his mouth full, I am sorry to say that I can add very little.”


About Dr Rupert Harker

I am the author of the Urban-Smith mysteries and Intelligent Design series of books.
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