The full moon

Even the man with a heart of gold,

Who fights for what is right,

May transform from man to beast,

When the moon hangs full in the night.” 

Traditional East European Gypsy Rhyme

The full moon has always exerted a fascination over man. Indeed it has been worshipped for thousands of years, and is still venerated by Wiccans to this day.

From the viewpoint of the paranormal investigator, it is remarkable how the full countenance of the moon is associated with an increase in reported interactions and experiences of an unearthly nature.

There are many theories for this; for example, Rupert asserts that when he is returning from the Blue Belvoir gentlemen’s club, he finds himself less inclined to fall victim to errant potholes or uneven paving stones, but more prone to being accosted by London’s various waifs and strays. From this observation he has postulated that the same is likely to be the case with spectres, phantasms and other psychic manifestations.

“Surely,” he insists, “on the night of the new moon, spectre and spectator are bound to pass one another unnoticed. It is only logical. This is of course why ghosts go bump in the night; staggering about in the dark has caused them to collide with the various fixtures and fittings. One never hears of them going bump during normal working hours.”

I myself am more inclined to believe that it is our ubiquitous satellite’s tidal pull on underground water currents which is to blame. I have for many years cultivated an interest in cryptocartography (the mapping of that which is hidden), particularly the distribution of underground rivers and their concordance with areas of concentrated geopathic resonant energy. It is my opinion that these foci of energy are caused by turbulent underground water flow, with the resultant kinetic energy giving rise to charged particles within the surrounding bedrock. This creates an electromagnetic lattice within the bedrock, the intersections of which often correspond to areas of significant preternatural or psychic activity. These are known as Ley Lines.

It is an undeniable fact that there are geographical areas from whence originates an abundance of reported hauntings, ghost sightings and poltergeists. It is my suspicion that these areas are those where underground river currents, and therefore geopathic electromagnetic vibrations are at their strongest. Furthermore, I believe that the moon exerts a powerful influence over underground water flow, producing a cyclical tidal fluctuation that reaches its peak when the moon displays its boldest aspect. As a result, these geopathic vibrations are enhanced, which is why the full moon appears to exert such a profound effect on the psyche of certain individuals, hence the term lunatic.

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2 Responses to The full moon

  1. I think my explanation is by far the more plausible.

    It may also be of interest that research has failed to show an increase in psychiatric admissions or emergency presentations during the full moon.

    Much ado about the full moon: A meta-analysis of lunar-lunacy research.
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    ISRN Emergency Medicine, vol. 2014, Article ID 398791, 6 pages, 2014. doi:10.1155/2014/398791

    No effect of lunar cycle on psychiatric admissions or emergency evaluations.Robert N McLay,Amado A Daylo & Paul S Hammer
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    Military medicine (Impact Factor: 0.77). 01/2007; 171(12):1239-42.


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