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A big shout out

Greetings fellow bloglodytes! A big thank you to everyone who is following this blog. Some of you have extremely successful blogs with thousands, or even tens of thousands of followers. If you have any suggestions or advice for emulating your … Continue reading

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Introduction to misinterpretology

 Have you ever seen a ghost? Or been abducted by aliens? Or communicated with the dead? Perhaps you have attributed the experience to something mundane and not realised the significance of the event.

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Intelligent Design: Genesis. Chapter One – part two.

Continuing from yesterday’s post ……         Amica is not a large planet, only about half the size of Earth. Half a billion years ago, Amica’s main land mass broke up and separated into three continents. The largest of these is Amotus, … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design: Genesis. Chapter One – part one.

Having purported myself to be a fledgling author, I thought it may be apt to publish a little something. Comments greatly appreciated. Be honest, but not cruel. Even doctors have feelings.

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New blog – A very British haiku

My haikus are proving quite popular and are threatening to overtake this blog. I have therefore given them their own blog, which within the space of about 2 hours has already proven far more popular than this one. How bitter … Continue reading

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The artist’s retort – a very British haiku.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines haiku as, “a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven and five.”

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The eyes don’t have it – 10 things to look for in a person’s hands – part 2


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Calculating average toad speed.

It is said that you should write what you know. But what if you don’t know?

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