A busy November.

A busy fortnightSometimes, it all gets a bit much…..

It’s been a busy month.

I’ve started another blog, been learning to use photoshop, started a Twitter feed and made a little progress on The Werewolf of Wottenham Wood. Also our kitten, Spot, has introduced himself to next door’s greyhound, resulting in 3 vet’s visits, several stitches and a course of antibiotics.

I love blogging, but this is all rather new to me and it can be rather like spinning plates. If I am haiku’ing, I am not blogging. If I am blogging, I’m not writing. If I am Tweeting, I am not blogging. If I am just writing, I am doing nothing to promote my work…. and so it goes on.

Again I would like to thank those who have followed my blog or liked my writing. This month, I hope to publish articles on creating your own disease, contextual deduction and the first in a series of articles on conspiracy theory entitled Brocktology.

Please leave me some comments, I would love to make this blog more interactive.

God save the Queen!



About Dr Rupert Harker

I am the author of the Urban-Smith mysteries and Intelligent Design series of books.
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