What is Project American Quilt?

“If you look only to the skies, you may miss the aliens lurking beneath your bed.” 

General Butch Redmangler Snr, Earth vs. the Alien Menace, 1957

Like Project Blue Book and MK Ultra before it, Project American Quilt was once the stuff of legends; denied by the USAF and CIA, dismissed as fantasy by the mainstream press, only to be revealed years later as a result of senate hearings or leaked documents.

A few days ago, the following document was posted online on mashileeks.org,

Project American Quilt page 1

Project American Quilt page 2

What does it all mean?

Until our silent oppressors play their hand, all we can do is watch, wait and



About Kenneth Badgerton

I am a retired history teacher, and something of an expert on conspiracy theory, if I do say so myself. I live with my wife Barbara and our dog, Vesuvius.
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