Archons, Planetary Parasites?

You’ll never walk alone……….

Today in Ouray

archons, a site that explores anomalies, theories of conspiracy, and beliefs concerning alternative realities. Alain Gossens, who operates the site with his partner Bruno Michelet, lives in Brussels, and so we were able to meet and talk about mutual interests. The result was a three-part collaboration with articles by Alain on alien predation, and by myself, on Gnostic parallels to Castenada, published simultaneously in English and French.
Karmapolis: We have been discussing the idea that a parasite exists and rules our mind. How can we demonstrate to our readership that this parasite exists and that the idea of “mental infection” is not delusional ?
JLL: Like an infection, the mental parasite would be detected by its symptoms. Malaria, for instance, produces violent symptoms caused by a foreign entity that invades the body. To think clearly about the parasites, we must consider that certain behavior, and certain forms of thinking…

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About Kenneth Badgerton

I am a retired history teacher, and something of an expert on conspiracy theory, if I do say so myself. I live with my wife Barbara and our dog, Vesuvius.
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2 Responses to Archons, Planetary Parasites?

  1. psomsen28 says:

    Thank you for the reblog, I have become a student of JJL and his book “Not In His Image” takes a look at the rich spiritual world of the pre-Christian era.


    • Kenneth Badgerton says:

      And thank you for such a fascinating article. My interest lays less within the origins of these phenomena, but more in the way in which they resonate through our recent history, shaping events and the political landscape today and tomorrow.
      Best wishes


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