Ice-breaker or show-stopper?

Last night, I received an email;


002Triffic, I thought, I love new comments.

So I read it;



I read it again.

And then again.

 I was mystified, so I asked George and Gwyneth to read it.




What could it mean?

Perhaps it’s a haiku. 

Nope. One syllable too many. So I did what I do when I’m asked a question at work;
I googled it.
It’s such an odd phrase, I thought. I’ll probably find a few hits, maybe even a googlewhack.


Eight million? Let’s try some quote marks. 


Better. So I followed the trail, and it led me here……

008“Deer antler sprays are all the rage these days.”

True dat!

But it set me thinking; what would I reply if somebody came up to me and said,

“I realized I needed a foundation for your molding of the deer.”


MOVING ON>>>>>>>>>>>


About Dr Rupert Harker

I am the author of the Urban-Smith mysteries and Intelligent Design series of books.
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4 Responses to Ice-breaker or show-stopper?

  1. sanseilife says:

    Oh you are in the twilight zone Rupert! It will all become clear, too soon…..


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