Rice or chips, superstar edition; Elvis vs. Freddie

Good God! The King of Rock and Roll vs. the Queen.

Lets go!

Track One. Singing.

Two great performances. One point apiece.

Track Two. Dancing.

Freddie could strut, but he’s no dancer.

Elvis leads, two to one.

Track Three. Musicianship.

‘Nuff said. Point to Freddie.

Track Four. Looks.

Being a rock and roll star is about more than singing.


Track Five. Lifestyle.

Both men were famed for their proclivities, but who could party heartiest?


Elvis had a reputation, but Freddie’s appetite for the finer things in life was legendary; get in, my son!

This round to Freddie.

Track Six. Terrible Tattoo Takedown Challenge.

A tattoo is a true mark of loyalty. Which of our two icons can inspire such depth of feeling that a fan will carry an awful facsimile of them forever without shame or remorse.z223133961

 Four points apiece. That can only mean…..

Tiebreaker. Commemorative Plate Challenge.

How much will the fans pay to see their idol immortalized in porcelain?

Elvis plate

Two and a half grand? That’s a lot of cheeseburgers!

How much are the Freddie brigade willing to part with?

freddie plate

 35 quid? Is that it? You tight bastards!

And so, by the virtue of ridiculously priced crockery, Elvis is victorious. Long live the King!

About Dr Rupert Harker

I am the author of the Urban-Smith mysteries. Book 2, The Werewolf of Worttenham Wood is due out in June.
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7 Responses to Rice or chips, superstar edition; Elvis vs. Freddie

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  2. Jin Okubo says:



  3. Not just the vocals, the whole persona and legacy. Check out Prince vs Jacko too. Another close one.


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