Facebook – is there a point?

I’ve just started a Facebook page ——>www.facebook.com/RupertHarker

What is the purpose of Facebook? Can someone explain it to me please?

While you’re at it, can someone also explain Twitter? Apart from young women using it to post naked selfies, it seems to have no useful purpose.


About Dr Rupert Harker

I am the author of the Urban-Smith mysteries and Intelligent Design series of books.
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7 Responses to Facebook – is there a point?

  1. Facebook is where you go to feel like you’re in high school. Twitter is where you go to feel ike you’re in high school and you’re a cheerleader.

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  2. I hated high school.
    And university
    And work.

    I like cheerleaders.


  3. And what’s all this “1 person reached” and “2 people reached” stuff.

    Reach out and touch faith.


  4. If you’re going for book or blog promotion I’ve found Facebook to be useless. Twitter is good for acquiring followers, but few will visit your site. The more followers you acquire, the more visit your site, but you have to acquire tons before it actually pays off.


  5. speedyrabbit says:

    I Guess to me FB is about keeping in touch with friends and family across the world though I do have a FB page for my pet rabbit Speedy and yes I do promote his blog on there too and a lot of new followers follow his blog via that page and through me on FB,its a lot to keep up with Thank you for visiting him and the follow,xx Rachel Speedy’s Mum


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