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I am a retired history teacher, and something of an expert on conspiracy theory, if I do say so myself. I live with my wife Barbara and our dog, Vesuvius.

Proyekt Mechta Vor – Dream-stealer.

Recently, I have heard disturbing rumours that Project Dream-stealer may have been reactivated. I immediately sent an email to my Glasgow contact, a man who goes by the name of Deep Jessie. Click on this link to see my email … Continue reading

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Archons, Planetary Parasites?

Originally posted on Today in Ouray:, a site that explores anomalies, theories of conspiracy, and beliefs concerning alternative realities. Alain Gossens, who operates the site with his partner Bruno Michelet, lives in Brussels, and so we were able to…

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What is Project American Quilt?

“If you look only to the skies, you may miss the aliens lurking beneath your bed.”  General Butch Redmangler Snr, Earth vs. the Alien Menace, 1957

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The Sinister Truth about The Human Genome Project.

Welcome one and all to Brocktology. Brocktology is a new series of articles by fictional conspiracy theorist and historian, Kenneth Badgerton. In this, the first in the series, I shall be asking; WHAT IS THE TRUTH BEHIND THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT?

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