Writing a Murder Mystery: Motives for Murder

Great article this one, but I would add the motive of murder to further a cause, be it political or social, something that sadly we are all too familiar with.

JC Gatlin - Author

canstockphoto14386385After revealing “Who Done It,” the most important piece of the puzzle in a good murder mystery is “Why Done It.” The Antagonist’s reason to commit murder and hide it must be creative, make sense and be ultimately satisfying to your reader. So, it got me thinking: What are some basic motives for murder?

Here’s the list I started. Feel free to comment and add to the list.


1. To hide a secret. This is the most obvious motive. The Victim stumbles upon the Antagonist’s closely guarded secret, and he kills her so she won’t reveal it.

  • A father, scared of losing his daughter’s love if she ever finds out that she was adopted, murders the child’s biological mother when she suddenly reappears in their lives.

2. Greed. The Antagonist wants the victim’s fortune, property or something else of value… and is willing to…

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Annual Book Review; Time Heist

Time HeistI tend to go through phases of reading, but over the last year or so, my interest in reading has waned dramatically. It was therefore something of an impulse purchase for me to download Time Heist by Anthony Vicino from Amazon;

Click on the book cover to go to the amazon.co.uk link—–>

I bought this book for three reasons.

1 I like the title. “Time Heist” conjures up images of masked robbers with plasma rifles kicking in the doors of some futuristic bank vault.

Anthony Vicino2 I like the cover – simple, but evocative. Everything I have read about self-publishing says that readers do judge a book by its cover, and I’m no exception.

3 Anthony’s avatar reminds me of Morgan Grimes from the TV series, “Chuck.” Continue reading

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It’s my birthday……..huzzah!

Yes indeedy, 44 years old today. Mrs Harker took me shopping for running gear, and this week has been taking me out and about dressed in my Ron Hill’s (Benny Hill’s I call ’em) to try and keep me in good health for a little longer.

Now I know what you are all thinking; what gift do you give to the man who has everything?

The answer—-a reblog.

Please make my special day even more special and reblog something for me. If you need a list, I have compiled one HERE.

Failing that, how about a bigger gun?

Gun nutter

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A fistful of spam.

More adventures from the spambox.
Does anyone else receive this bizarre correspondence?

Rupert HarkerThanks for the advice, ya bitch-punk, fag-ho!

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Crossing the weight loss plateau – Don’t give up or your liver will execute you.

I have  been back on my weight loss plan for the last couple of weeks, and wanted to offer some encouragement to those in the same posish.

If you are reading this, then I suspect you may be attempting to lose weight, or have done so in the past, in which case you may be familiar with the phenomenon of weight loss plateauing. This occurs when, despite your best efforts, the scales refuse to budge and it takes a stiff upper lip and nerves of steel not to reach for the biscuit tin. Continue reading

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Project American Quilt is a go!

As you will recall from the previous installment, Lieutenant Brock Dalton has just woken up following an incapacitating accident, which has left him in absentia from the neck downwards. Now read on….

Major McGranite sat in his office, reading the cover of the new CD that he had bought for his fifteen year old daughter, Leanne. The album was The Biggest Love, by BoyBurger, the World’s number one boyband. Continue reading

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The results are in!

Poll resultsThe polls are now closed! 

The response has been overwhelming. The votes have been counted and, at the request of Bono, recounted and the results speak for themselves.

A resounding victory for EVERYONE!

And remember… your vote counts!

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Facebook – is there a point?

I’ve just started a Facebook page ——>www.facebook.com/RupertHarker

What is the purpose of Facebook? Can someone explain it to me please?

While you’re at it, can someone also explain Twitter? Apart from young women using it to post naked selfies, it seems to have no useful purpose.

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Intelligent Design – Above Top Secret

Following on from my previous article, and endeavoring to be as topical as possible, here is an extract from Intelligent Design; Book Two, which is currently in process. This scene leads on from What is Project American Quilt?


“OK, Major, he’s awake.”
“Thank you, Doctor.”
Second Lieutenant Brock Dalton awoke to find himself behind glass, suspended in a warm clear fluid. The last thing he remembered was riding back to base on his motorcycle. He had lost control and come off of the bike, but it had all happened so fast.
On the other side of the glass, two men perched on footstools, staring at him intently. The man on the left wore a military camouflage jacket and trousers, his insignia and name badge identifying him as Major McGranite of the U.S Air Force, and the second man wore jeans and a tee shirt. Brock recognised neither of them, nor his surroundings. Continue reading

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Help a Child to Get A Head

currentcoverUrgent A
ppeal from The British Headless Child Foundation – B.H.C.F

If you have seen today’s news, you will know that doctors expect to be able to perform the first head transplant within the next 2 years.

Click the picture to read the article.

Continue reading

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