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My interview on BBC radio

Just after Xmas, I was fortunate enough to be invited to BBC Radio Northampton to speak to Helen Blaby about my new book, Laugh Out Dead. Helen is an excellent interviewer and really put me at ease. You can follow … Continue reading

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Greetings all! Happy holidays. After many rejections, I have finally decided to self publish my Urban-Smith cozy mysteries. LAUGH OUT DEAD is available on amazon in paperback and e-book, and on smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and apple as ebook. … Continue reading

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Gizoogle is da shiznit!

A running gag in the Urban-Smith books is the proliferation of themed restaurants. In the course of the 1st 2 books, our protagonists have dined at surrealist Japanese restaurant, The Melting Lotus, Elizabethan theatre theme restaurant, Soliloquies, and Glaswegian cordon … Continue reading

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I’m not dead.

Sorry that I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, but other commitments have taken priority. Say hi to Harold. Harold is Britain’s best serial killer. Like me he qualified from Leeds Medical School and spent the majority of his career … Continue reading

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Writing a Murder Mystery: Motives for Murder

Originally posted on JC Gatlin – Author:
After revealing “Who Done It,” the most important piece of the puzzle in a good murder mystery is “Why Done It.” The Antagonist’s reason to commit murder and hide it must be creative,…

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Annual Book Review; Time Heist

I tend to go through phases of reading, but over the last year or so, my interest in reading has waned dramatically. It was therefore something of an impulse purchase for me to download Time Heist by Anthony Vicino from Amazon; … Continue reading

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Project American Quilt is a go!

As you will recall from the previous installment, Lieutenant Brock Dalton has just woken up following an incapacitating accident, which has left him in absentia from the neck downwards. Now read on…. Major McGranite sat in his office, reading the … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design – Above Top Secret

Following on from my previous article, and endeavoring to be as topical as possible, here is an extract from Intelligent Design; Book Two, which is currently in process. This scene leads on from What is Project American Quilt? * “OK, Major, he’s … Continue reading

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Proyekt Mechta Vor – Dream-stealer.

Recently, I have heard disturbing rumours that Project Dream-stealer may have been reactivated. I immediately sent an email to my Glasgow contact, a man who goes by the name of Deep Jessie. Click on this link to see my email … Continue reading

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Pacing, puns and punctuation; the holy trinity.

My new friends and fellow bloglodytes, Paula of sanseilife, and Rachel of The Cricket Pages, have been kind enough to beta read Laugh out Dead, and give me their opinions. They have given some excellent advice, as a result of … Continue reading

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