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Put a sock in it – natural selection and the gobshites.

It does not require a degree in anthropology to know that people are becoming louder (see graph). You can be in aisle 4 of Tesco’s perusing prophylactics, yet still be able to hear every howl of the crone in aisle … Continue reading

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Crossing the weight loss plateau – Don’t give up or your liver will execute you.

I have  been back on my weight loss plan for the last couple of weeks, and wanted to offer some encouragement to those in the same posish. If you are reading this, then I suspect you may be attempting to … Continue reading

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Fat Friend Syndrome

During my many years as a doctor, I have seen a disturbing rise in cases of Forced Adipose Transference syndrome (F.A.T.S), a.k.a. Fat Friend Syndrome. First, some facts. Body Mass Index – The Body Mass Index (BMI) gives a rough … Continue reading

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NEW FEATURE – Action figures speak louder than words – episode one.

Next month I shall be celebrating my 21st birthday (for the 24th year running) and you will all, no doubt be wondering what you can buy me. After all, what does one buy for the man who has it all? … Continue reading

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I read the news today, oh boy! – 10 ways to save the NHS

Will I never learn? I listened to the radio on the way to work again. The name Jeremy Hunt will be familiar to anybody versed in rhyming slang; he is the current Secretary of State for health. According to The Independent, … Continue reading

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An interesting month

Quite a bit has happened this month. I started a new blog, The Blue Belvoir Gentlemen’s Club, a place for me to post Youtube videos, reblogs and original articles that may not be appropriate for paranorensics or A Very British … Continue reading

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Chips with everything, innit.

Please leave me a comment, but more importantly, save me a chip! ‘NUFF SAID!

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10 ways to L.O.L your lover.

This post is dedicated to goodestoftimes.wordpress.com – check it out. Are you L.O.L’d out? Had as much ROFL’ing as you can take? NEVER FEAR.  WE HAVE THE SOLUTION.

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Back in the gym!

Week commencing the 15th December 2014. Weight – 168 pounds Target weight – 147 pounds Height – 170cm Target Height – 185 cm BMI 26.3 Target BMI 23 BP 112/76 Cholesterol 5.6, HDL 1.0 HDL 3.9 Number of chin ups … Continue reading

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