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I’m shrinking! The Wonders of extrapolation.

Everyone is familiar with the Big Bang theory. If you look at data showing how fast the Universe is expanding, you can extrapolate backwards and calculate that about 13.8 billion years ago the whole Universe was condensed into a single tiny … Continue reading

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The art of deadpan – a brief footnote to “No sex please, we’re British.”

My mother is a 7th level practitioner of deadpan. Mum’s Greatest Hits. A Side Sometime during my teens, after my father had died, I recall sitting with my mother in the front room, watching a film on the TV. We … Continue reading

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I ought to stop listening to the news.

On the way to work today I made the mistake of listening to the news. Apparently somebody has bought a painting for £200 million ($300 million US). Look, here it is ——–> Think of what you could do with £200 … Continue reading

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Brock’s dream

Brock was alone in the dark. A soft Voice whispered, “The Creator is coming,” and then he was no longer alone. Before him was a spiral staircase, no, two spiral staircases intertwined, one black, the other white, rising high over … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, war ain`t over

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Just when you thought that clowns couldn’t get any creepier. Infinite Insanity View original post

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